Lovely film about sweet rationing

The BBC website has just posted a short film about sweet rationing – and rationing in general – during and after world war two. It’s to support an exhibition opening at the Imperial War Museum in Manchester.

They interview Roy Willett, whose family has run Willetts Sweets in Chesterfield since 1927. And I’m embarrassed to say I never knew this other sweet firm operated in the town. It only supplies trade, but they use traditional old methods which you can see in the film. Their website is at

Seems like an opportune time to show some of the old Trebor rationing ads from the gallery:

PromBarleySugar2A PackKiddiesRationBarA Low Res PackFrolliesWrapperA PackBoleynTinyTotsA Low res PackExtraStrongMintsWartime1A Low Res




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