Old Treborites getting in touch

Several old Treborites have been in touch recently. Here’s what a couple of them wrote:

‘My name is Steve Martin and I worked for Trebor (Moffat) until the wholesale division was sold to Palmer and Harvey. I won several ‘Travel with Trebor’ competitions and was GMA Salesman of the Year in 1984. I was mostly based at the Thamesmead Depot, but did work from Hubert Road Brentwood when it was Moffat Head Office, and operated as a Regional Field manager from the Dunstable office when Hoddesdon moved there. I have some fantastic memories of Trebor, including Ian Marks running a stress management course in Malvern.’

And from Chris North:

‘I have just come across your website after searching for Trebor sweets. Wow, what fond memories I had working for the company at Heathfield Way, Kingsheath, Northampton. This was a distribution centre where I worked my way up to assistant warehouse manager and was employed there from 1980 to 1989 before sadly I was made redundant after moving the business down to Dunstable in Beds. My father also worked for Trebor in Northampton; Stan North who has now sadly passed away. He was a sales rep who worked his way up to area sales manager and served over 25 years with the company. I still have my Fathers gold watch he received for long service. I would love a copy of this book, it really has brought a tear to my eye just thinking of the good times we had working for Trebor. What a great family business it was.’

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  1. Lesley Pavitt says:

    I worked at Moffats Hoddesdon straight from school in 76, also worked after school in the warehouse and canteen so Trebors was a big part of my life. Bill worked at Hoddesdon depot on the cash and carry vans!, Iv got lovely memory’s of my time there and knowing it was a family company made it all so special, I was saddened to hear of John Marks passing as had the privileged of meeting with him a few times, I wish his family well.

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