Sir Kreemy Knut

A dapper young gent, memorably monocled with cane and bowler hat, Sir Kreemy Knut first appeared in 1919 as the face of Sharps Toffee. The word ‘knut’, meaning a dedicated follower of fashion, appeared around the time of the first world war, and was gloriously referenced in a 1914 music hall song by Arthur Wimperis: I'm Gilbert the Filbert, the knut with a K, the pride of Piccadilly, a blasé roué.’  

After the second world war, Sharps brought him back. As Nicholas Whittaker recounts in Sweet Talk: ‘Sharps resurrected Sir Kreemy Knut, pressing him into service as a mascot for their toffee – as a live person. Not, alas, a dotty member of the aristocracy, but a rep named Nobby Clarke, co-opted from the sales force. Arriving by Rolls, Sir Kreemy was a regular visitor at shows and seaside resorts during the Fifties. A pocket hero at only 5ft, he was a great favourite with the children.’ He also appeared as a marionette with the Sharps Toffees Puppet Theatre. Forty years later in 1994 Monkhill Confectionery reintroduced the character to relaunch their Sharps of York range. Today Sir Kreemy Knut exists mostly as a highly collectible metal figurine.

Sir Kreemy Knut reappeared on Sharps advertising throughout the 20th century.