Author Matthew Crampton lives in London. He has long been a writer and is related to the Marks family who owned Trebor. Matthew’s previous book was Tales from the Angler’s Retreat - a collection of fishing stories from South Uist in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. He’s soon to publish Human Cargo: Stories & Songs of Trafficking & Transportation, based on a show he wrote and performs with his folk singing pals The London Lubbers.

Some reviews of the book

Our first review, from the Camden New Journal, was a lovely one.

Lucy Kellaway in the Financial Times liked the book very much. As did Abigail Tarttelin on the Huffington Post.

London Historians’ Blog - scroll down to read the comment from the descendant of the ‘Robert’ who originally built Trebor Villas and gave the firm its name.

The Hackney Gazette wrote about the site of the Clarnico factory which is now part of the Olympic Park.

The fine Londonist website included a modern photo of the Forest Gate factory building within their thoughtful review.

The Ilford Recorder focused on the factory and head office in Woodford.  

The East Anglia Daily Telegraph wrote a mighty long article in January 2013. (Warning, this is a 3MB pdf.)

Other stuff

Matthew took part in a podcast discussion for the Londonist website.

Here’s a piece Matthew wrote for the Museum of London about Sweets during World War One.

Sweet Shop

Ting a ling!     Come on in!

The Sweet Shop

Enjoy again your childhood favourites

Matthew Crampton’s new book: