Reviews of the book

People like it.

‘Delightful detail and priceless pictures…’

‘Inside are treats for nostalgia freaks, social historians, machinery nerds – and anyone interested in marketing, manufacturing or the history of British tooth decay.’

‘Packed with gems…’

‘Not only a fascinating story of a household name but also a classic example of how the world of business has changed in the past 100 years.’

‘Excellent, timely and wise reading…’

‘This thorough history and analysis of a respected and profitable company of the past proved excellent, timely and wise reading … a fascinating insight into Trebor’s successful business practices, and particularly how their treatment of employees added to their achievements in the world marketplace … the book is delightfully put together, with many photographs, documentation of work method and advertising campaigns.’

‘Lushly illustrated, superbly put together’

‘A fascinating account of one of our best-loved sweet companies and its East-End origins. .. a lushly illustrated book … superbly put together, and even smells like one of the paper bags that used to hold our weekly quarter of cola cubes … long before others were doing so, Trebor brought in external consultants, gave women senior management positions, and set up what we’d now know as an HR department to look after staff needs.

‘Preserves the area’s sweet-making heritage through the stories of the manufacturers…’

This article focuses on the site of Clarnico in Hackney Wick, East London, which is now part of the Olympic Park.

‘Dozens of wonderful anecdotes…’

‘Trebor was founded by four East London small-business entrepreneurs in 1907. Two were grocers, one a sweet salesman and one a sugar boiler: a perfect commercial pick n mix, if you will.’ ‘Dozens of wonderful anecdotes … a massively rich variety of pictures, photographs and documents.’

‘Sweet dreams are made of this…’

A long article about the Colchester factory.

‘Story of Willy Wonka sweet factory’

This short article focuses on the Woodford factory.