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Packed with over 300 pictures, this lavish hardback is a glorious, full colour journey through the world of Trebor.

If you’ve enjoyed the stories and pictures on this website, then you’ll relish a lot more such gems in the book – with many gorgeous sweet wrappers, all beautifully printed.

Published 2012. 152 pages full colour hardback.

ISBN 978-0-9561361-1-4

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“You can’t get them any more.” “YES YOU CAN!”

(Though some have different names today.)

Back to the 1970s with this classic combo of pineapple and raspberry.

That fizzy explosion of fruity sweetness. A favourite since the 1930s.

Anyone want a black tongue? These aniseed bad boys should do the trick.

Something for the bedpost. The all-american taste of Bazooka bubble gum.

Who’d have thought it? One of the greatest flavour duos.

Granny’s treat. Crunchy outside, soft minty centre.